Experimenting with Presets on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

September 18, 2015


Recently my dad and I purchased over 200+ presets for our Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software, and just earlier today was I successfully been able to experiment and mess around with all of the different presets. Some of them are more normal, but many are very unnatural looking, which isn’t always what I tend to look for in my photographs. For me, I don’t usually preset my photos because they never turn out the way I want - I always find myself just fixing the mistakes. For some people it works just fine, but for me and my style of photography it’s kind of a drag. It is just naturally easier for me to just set things the way I want manually. But I discovered there are many “unnatural” filters that I tested out on my recent Templeton High School Junior Varsity football photographs that worked very well. I didn’t need to alter anything about the preset and the photographs worked very well with the presets. I find that photographs that are high contrasted, with heavy black tones, or ones that can be very intensified look great with a lot of the presets. For example, here is one photograph I tested with multiple presets. This photograph in particular has only been manually edited. I bumped up the saturation and the contrast only slightly to the way it was untouched. To the left you can see the many preset folders which contain about 10 presets in each file depending on style.

Now here are the presets I used:


#1 is called "Pound" and is under the "Harsh Reality" preset folder.


#2 is called "Musk", and is also in the "Harsh Reality" folder.

 #4 is called "Onyx" and is yet again, in the "Harsh Reality" folder.

 #5 is called "Union" and is in the "Apocalypes" folder.


 These presets are especially gritty, which looks super rad with this photo in particular. Here is another photograph which I have tested different presets on: On this photo as an original I used a special preset, but on my mission to find an awesome one I also found a few other ones I really enjoyed. Here is my original photo: Untouched and completely a blank canvas: Pretty boring, right? On this day at Venice Beach the lighting was incredibly poor, which made it impossible to lightly retouch myself, which is why a preset was perfect. 



Original unretouched photo:


Now here is my final copy I decided to stick with, which is called " Austin" in the "Creative Clarity"  folder.

See what a drastic change the preset made? Here are a few other images I used a few presets on:


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