Grand Central Market

August 2, 2015

 I took these photographs at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 29, so this post is a few days late, but oh well! I don't have much of a caption for this one, but I took these shots of the bright signs and the market activity with my dad as we were on the look-out for a quick breakfast, which was actually around 11:00... Grand Central Market has recently experienced a renovation, so sadly a few of our beloved vendors have moved out, probably because of an increase in rent. It was a very sad experience to no longer have some of our favorite shops there anymore, seeing it is traditional for our family. The market has experienced better sanitation, as well as more food services and a new lunch crowd of as I had seen, business men and people from nearby offices. It is, as seen through our perceptive, gradually turning into a more trendy hangout spot than what it has always been intended for. It has always been a regular market where families can get fresh produce, basically like a farmers market. There has always been food vendors, though. So there wasn't that big of a drastic change. Although I feel there is much less produce and more food spots then there ever were before. But just like everything. Grand Central Market had to make some changes. It is a change for the better though, and I am happy for it's newly gained crowd of customers. For my family, Grand Central Market will always be a fun place to get great food and create better memories! (And sometimes even a great shot!)

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