Osolibre's Asado Argentino

August 26, 2015

I took these photographs on Saturday evening at Osolibre's Asado Argentina event and it's taken a little while for me to get to editing these than I had hoped because I just started High School two days ago. It's been a little hectic few days for me getting used to my new schedule and school. Anyway, to get back to the main subject, I took these Saturday night at my family's winery BBQ event Asado Argentina. I've lately taken advantage of these events to take some photos and practice my skills in photographing people as well, so it is definitely good for me to have a valid reason to photograph people. I would say it isn't something I particularly love in photography, but it is good to know how to take pictures of people as well as objects or landscapes. Speaking of people photography, I got into yearbook class this year, so it will be my official second year in this class. Only this year it's in high school, not middle school. I am excited to practice more photography and take part in the yearbook staff. I will also post any photos I take personally in yearbook as well if I get the chance to. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my photos! Thank you, and don't forget to subscribe!

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